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Design Blog – Real Timber, Composite Timber or Timber Look Tiles – What are the pros and cons when it comes to decking

Design Blog – Real Timber, Composite Timber or Timber Look Tiles – What are the pros and cons when it comes to decking

With summer well and truly here, a lot of people are working on updating their outdoor areas.

Timber decking is always a favourite for alfresco and pool areas, but many people are wary of the maintenance associated with a natural product being used outdoors.

Luckily there are a range of composite and timber look products now available on the market that can offer the look, without risk.

Here are pros and cons for some of the different products out there…

Composite & Tile Con 

  • Unnatural texture and grain – Although the Millboard Weathered Oak range is quite realistic!
  • They can get hot when directly exposed to the sun
  • Some timber look tiles can bow due to the length and narrow width of the tile
  • If damaged or scratched it cannot be sanded back to rectify

Composite & Tile Pro

  • Quicker and sometimes easier to install as there is no oiling/staining required
  • No maintenance…obviously
  • Generally speaking there would not be additional costs for choosing a particular colour out of a composite range, unlike natural timber which can vary in price depending on species
  • Some composite are eco friendly as they are made using recycled wood, plus no trees have not been chopped down in order to produce
  • If installing a decking in a bushfire zone, Modwood is BAL 40 rated!
  • Resistance to rot and insect infestation

Natural Con

  • On going regular maintenance required
  • Even with ongoing maintenance timber is prone to weathering easily especially is exposed to the elements. It will likely still need to be replaced every few years.
  • Can look tired if not maintained properly

Natural Pro

  • Can look nicer than a composite due to better variety in timber grains
  • Can be stained or painted any colour you like to achieve the look you are after
  • Accoya is maintenance free and has a 50 year warranty, better than any composite
  • Some timbers have a natural resistance to fire
  • Can be sanded if it is scratched or damaged. This also means you can update your look at any time by sanding it and re-staining or painting in a different colour

M&B Building Products have a great range of composite and natural timber decking options and for some stunning timber look tiles make sure you visit Odin Ceramics!

Millboard Weathered Oak Carbonised Emberred…possibly one of my favourite products ever!!


Scrapwood timber look tiles are absolutely stunning and are perfect to use in your outdoor area


A Jarrah natural timber deck is always a classic


A fairly new kid on the block in Perth, Accoya is definitely something special


Rich in colour, Batu natural timber decking is really something beautiful


For the environmentalists out there, ModWood is 90% recycled and reclaimed environmentally friendly materials


If you are still feeling overwhelmed about making the selections for your build, consider hiring a professional.

For what is really a very small outlay when considering the overall cost of the build, you can have an Interior Designer guide you thought the myriad of choices. Their expert knowledge of the industry, product availability and current trends will ensure that you get the home you want without all of the hassle.


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