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Design Blog – Breaking or Making Your Space: Window Treatments

Design Blog – Breaking or Making Your Space: Window Treatments

The all important question….which window treatments do I use for which space??

Window treatments are an essential part of any home renovation or build, but they can be often forgotten about. They can be expensive, but they have the power to completely transform the aesthetics and feel of any space.

Picking your window treatments can mean being overwhelmed with choice, so we’ve developed a little cheat-sheet to simplify the process.



Sheer curtains – Always popular! Offering a natural look and feel that softens any space.

Full height curtains – Yes, you heard us. From floor to ceiling. Sometime you can be limited by continuous sheer fabrics which aren’t wide enough, however a multidirectional sheer can be used.

Colours – Moving from warm neutrals/pastels to moody nostalgic tones, such as burgundy, navy, olive greens and mustards.

Velvet – Pure luxury and a gorgeous fabric to compliment the colour trends.


Lounge and dining areas are all about the open-plan spaces, with plenty of natural lighting. For a luxurious and on-trend look, go for sheer curtains; they maximise natural light and space, whilst offering some privacy. For more privacy in the evenings, block out curtains can be installed behind the sheers and pulled closed as required.

For a minimalistic, clean and crisp look, use roller blinds. To create a private luxurious space, without the bulkiness of curtains, use a combination of roller blinds with sheers.


For any wet area, your window treatments need to be practical; hardy, compact and water and mould resistant.

Shutters are a great option for areas which are high-risk for water damage. They’re conveniently custom made to fit almost any window size, and offer the option of either PVC or polyresin finishes.


Living areas or TV rooms come with the challenge of trying to maximise both aesthetics, and flexibility with light control. Roller blinds or honeycomb blinds, paired with sheers create a lavish space, which is practical in terms of blocking out lighting. Alternatively, less formal living areas, where light control is not as important, can employ the use of translucent roller blinds. These offer bright spaces during the daylight, but privacy during nighttime.



There are endless window treatment options to suit the style and practicality of every bedroom space. For a chic but simplistic look, use sheers with block-out linings behind OR classic block-out curtains with sheers behind

For a classic look, white shutters always look fabulous. For a modern spin, you could do black or timber shutters. Alternatively, the Luxaflex Luminette range offers versatility in terms of light control, with the softened effects of sheers.



A grand entrance would be incomplete without a stunning feature window, that is less than convenient to dress. For spaces where both privacy and light control is an issue, motorised blinds and shutters are the best option. Though these can be expensive, they are the epitomy of convenience and an effortless look.

When budgets do not allow for such extravagant investments, cordless window options with customised-length pole are a fantastic option.

When privacy is the priority, but light control is less of a concern, string curtains provide the perfect solution. They offer a luxurious chic look, with the convenience of never having to be dusted or cleaned.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed about making the selections for your build, consider hiring a professional.

For what is really a very small outlay when considering the overall cost of the build, you can have an Interior Designer guide you thought the myriad of choices. Their expert knowledge of the industry, product availability and current trends will ensure that you get the home you want without all of the hassle.


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