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Brighten Your Space with the Latest Lighting Trends

Brighten Your Space with the Latest Lighting Trends


Lighting is a crucial element of any room…

The right selections can take your space to another level, whilst the wrong selections can leave your space very underwhelming.

This makes the selection process crucial and complicated – you have to consider functionality, style of the room, atmosphere and trends. It certainly doesn’t help that these lighting trends are constantly changing and evolving. So, let’s explore some of the leading lighting trends for 2018, and see which ones are set to be big in 2019.



Mid-Century Modern

In case you hadn’t heard, Mid-Century Modern has been dominating the lighting scene for quite some time now. Over the past several years we have seen the devotion to this trend return to the fore with colour pops, gloss enamel pendants, clean lines and a slight nod to kitsch.













This particular trend has always been a personal favourite of mine – such a classic and sophisticated look!


Although still hugely popular, we are starting to see people shift to an Art Deco meets Modern style.


Art Deco Meets Modern

There has been a very recent resurgence of the classic Art Deco style, but this time, with a mix of Modern too. Fixtures are going back to artisanal production, using materials with brushed brass, nickel, textured fabric cables, exposed conduits and oversized coach lighting.

Traditional Art Deco isn’t for everyone but adding in these Modern Contemporary undertones makes this trend an edgy crowd-pleaser. With more and more people starting to move away from Mid-Century Modern, it’s quite possible that Modern Art Deco could be the defining trend of 2019.


80’s Retro

Some of the new emerging design styles are making subtle reference to 1980’s retro design. We are seeing lights coming in a variety of retro rainbow coloured glass and bright powder coats (which means those 80’s neon lights don’t seem to be making an appearance anytime soon – thank god!).



In the Mood

Indirect lighting is back on the scene, creating moody atmospheres in every space. When it comes to lighting, less is more – don’t sacrifice atmospherics for bright and over lit fixtures.

This atmospherics trend has brought with it a growing popularity for traditional wall sconces. In fact, many people are consistently favouring wall sconces over ultra-modern LED recess fittings. This pared back look creates that desired moody effect.

These wall sconces can create beautiful features too, often removing the need for large artwork.

If you find that you’re struggling with balancing functionality, styles, atmosphere and trends with your lighting selections, consider hiring a professional. Prince Design can assist with making lighting selections for any residential or commercial project, so contact us today to book your first consultation.


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We’d like to give the experts at Radiant Lighting a huge thank you for providing us with their insight and beautifully imagery, which was used in the creation of this blog post.