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Design Blog – A Guide to Natural Stone Trends for Outdoor Spaces

Design Blog – A Guide to Natural Stone Trends for Outdoor Spaces

As we finally reach the warmer months, it’s about time we start thinking about dusting off and refreshing our outdoor living space!


We’ve got the inside scoop on the five key natural stone trends for outdoor spaces this coming summer!





Natural stone is a classic and beautiful choice to create a truly unique outdoor space. This year is all about enhancing natural elements of the stone, which means the more texture the better!

Textured nature stone has a beautiful tactile appearance, feels lovely underfoot and gets better with age.

We are also seeing a rise in the popularity of large format tiles in tumbled or distressed finishes.


Crazy Paving

The popularity of crazy paving doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this summer! However, we will be seeing more influences from the natural texture stone trend.

The beauty of crazy paving is that it is ideal for all sorts of areas – From small outdoor living spaces to large courtyards and driveways.

A great feature of crazy paving is that the variation of sizes between the pieces make it perfect for working with curves in garden, landscape or home design.


Large Format Tiles

If you remember our blog post on Large Format Tiles from a while back, we spoke about how they are an incredible tool for opening a space up!

They look absolutely stunning in indoor-outdoor living spaces, but can also be used for outdoor cladding and feature walls

One Palette

Keep things simple and easy by adopting one palette! One palette is all about using one stone as the flooring and walling surface, and/or using the same stone from inside to outside.

This popular trend creates an impactful look and feel to take any space to the next level!


Last but not least we have customisation!
Make your space truly unique and fit for your own lifestyle by adding in customised features! Take this gorgeous custom outdoor kitchen and pizza oven designed specifically for this space for example.

A lot of people are also now leaning towards using custom benchtops and sinks, which look fantastic when they’re carved from solid blocks of stone!

Need some help navigating these outdoor styling trends, or want to know how to make your outdoor space fit your lifestyle? Then feel free to contact our office on 0406 258 978 or at to book your first consultation today!

A huge thank you to Ecooutdoor for giving us plenty of images and insider knowledge on these trends!