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2019 Trend Alert: Colour Forecast

2019 Trend Alert: Colour Forecast

Your exclusive insight into the biggest colour trends of 2019

We’ve created a few palettes inspired by the up coming colour trends of 2019!
Discover the artistic reasoning behind our choices, and what’s set to take the scene this year.

Antiquity Palette

Think gorgeous aged wood, deep orange hues and dark green compliments…it’s time to go back to our roots and reflect on the past. The Antiquity Palette embraces the imperfections in life and highlights the authenticity they create. These gorgeous earthy tones encourage us to reflect upon the past and carry it through into the modern era.


Many designers are incorporating more of these natural, earthy tones with textured finishes into their work. Many clients are requesting hand-made furniture pieces and are looking for perfectly imperfect items, such as tables with split wood.


Serenity Palette

Inspired by nature and simplicity, the Serenity Palette combines a spectrum of beautiful deep and light greens, balanced by neutral tones and light natural wood. Much like the Antiquity Palette, the Serenity Palette embraces the imperfections and rawness of nature and looks towards a more sustainable future.

2019 will be seeing spaces that feature paired-back styling, subtle references to the natural world and a noticeably calm atmosphere.

Twilight Palette

In contrast to the innocence of the previous two palettes, the Twilight Palette creates a moody, dark and mysterious ambiance. The bold and daring nature of the palette draws people into it’s mystifying atmosphere. The palette demands the use of organic compounds and materials, such as marble and granite. Again, this palette wishes to embrace the natural elements of these materials, such as marble with imperfect yellow veins.

The Twilight Palette brings sophistication to spaces whilst incorporating hard, smooth surfaces. This year will see plenty more daring spaces, with plenty of drama and ‘wow’ factor.


If you’re interested in expressing these colour palettes within your home, we’d be delighted to guide you! Contact the Prince Design office today to book your first colour consultation!